Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wisdom Teeth!

Here I lay, In my giant bed. It's quite as can be. I have my tv, cell phone, computer and plenty of reading material. This sounds rare and fabulous doesn't it? (to us mommies anyway) Im NOT loving it. I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out when I was like 17. Ive had about 20 appointments to do so and cancelled them all because I was scared. Doesnt that sound so silly? Ill live in a foreign country no problem, tattoos and piercings dont hurt me. Wisdom teeth scare the poop out of me though. I finally did it yesterday. I was SO nervous. I had a Valium before surgery to relax me and it just made me pretty tired. I was under a local anesthetic but could still hear the Dr and nurses talking. I dont remember getting in the car or coming home.

I had a bunch of friends come by yesterday with presents and soup and books and lots of fun stuff. That really made my day. Not to mention my husband is taking care of the kiddos, house, guests, and me all at the same time. Yesterday I felt ok until I had to take meds. Ive had to take them 3 times now and throw them up every time. I wouldnt be throwing them up if I took the nausea meds. But they are thanks. Id rather barf. Im so happy I finally did it (well had to do it in order to go to Okinawa lol) but Im so sore and so swollen. Ok Im done crying.

Here is what I look like now :

But they are gone now, and do you know what that means?!?!?! I can FINALLY get braces!! I have wanted a pretty smile forever. And pretty soon, I will have one and look more like this :

Is it just me or is daytime TV RIDICULOUSLY boring? Who watches this stuff??

Lastly, I have been keeping a huge secret! It's my hubs Valentines Day present. I cant show you until V Day because he reads this blog. But it is TOTALLY amazing and I cant wait to share!!! It took so much time and effort and I am so proud of it. Here is a hint...Amber from Goodnight Moon did it a while back for her hubs!!

Dear amazing Hubs of mine, NO PEEKING!!!! I WILL CATCH YOU!!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I know what you're doing! They'll be fab :) I'm sorry you're so miserable!

It's Something Beautiful said...

I still haven't figured out a Valentines Day gift...uh ohs! Probably should get on that!

Yay for being done - finally. See, now that they are done, you don't have to worry about getting your wisdom teeth out. Feel better soon though.

ps. I suggest watching movies. Day time television really does suck!

wisdom teeth removal said...

It's a funny thing that tattoos and piercing don't hurt you at all yet you are so scared on your wisdom teeth. But thank God that you've already overcome your freight and finally did it.

Timothy McLaney said...

Good thing you managed to overcome the fear and anxiety and had your wisdom teeth extracted. There are modern ways of wisdom teeth extraction that are not as painful as the old methods. You just have to find a reputable dentist to do the operation for you.

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