Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Okinawa

We finally arrived in Okinawa. The trip was long to be expected. We only ran into minor snags and the kids were angels. And I didnt puke which is amazing because I always puke on that long flight. The real problems didnt start until we actually arrived. I cant really explain that feeling of finally getting OFF the plane upon arrival in Okinawa. Exhausted, angry, relieved, happy, annoyed, and more tired than you ever have been in your whole life. All you want is to get to your hotel (TLF in our case) and sleep. We got in around 10:30 am and I really wanted to get on a schedule right away as far as sleeping. But I didnt care anymore, I wanted to sleep. So we come out of customs and immigration to meet our sponsors and hit the road.

What do we find? NOTHING. I should have known. Our sponsor didnt show up, call, or send someone else. I was beyond pist. Hubs thought maybe they mistakenly went to the domestic airport instead of the international one so he walked over there. Nothing. He tried to make some calls to his unit. Nothing. I sat around for about an hour waiting. A woman approached me with her two kids and said I looked like I needed help. I obviously would never get in a car with strangers (especially with my kids) but Okinawa is that exception. She was heading in our direction and offered a ride. I gladly excepted and we packed 3 adults, 4 carseats and 5 suitcases all in her car. I still cant believe we got it all in there. It wasnt a very comfy ride, but it was a ride.

We get to TLF. Im not even going to begin to talk about that. Lets just say its unacceptable for a family with 2 kids. Our sponsor calls us 7 hours later to ask how we got to the hotel. We tell him and he says "sorry, my wife had the car". Your wife had the car? You didnt discuss that you are a sponsor and you need to be at the airport. That you left a family stranded? And are JUST NOW calling us to ask if we are ok?? If hubs wasnt in a sleepy daze, the poor kid would have gotten a mouthful. He tells him we are fine, and to pick us up tomorrow morning for the New comers brief. The New comers brief is very important because it's where you take your drivers test and its only once a week. So we wake up and head out to meet sponsor. Of course he isnt there. He is 15 minutes late. We get there and ask where the childcare is and they tell us its at the CDC. Great. So now our kids have to sit through a 6 hours brief with us. They didnt do well at all. They were bored, hungry, and so tired.

We sent sponsor off with Hubs card to be signed by the CO. Without the card signed, he cant get his license. I tell sponsor to come back with 12 with the card. Of course he comes back without the card. So hubs cant get his license that day. Fantastic. Luckily, I passed the test and got mine. Hubs is at work all day today so me and the kids are in this mico sized hotel room. Its so aggrivating knowing that he is standing around work trying to get petty paperwork signed by someone who thinks they are more important than you. Knowing that we have such more important things to do. Like go look for a car. Go to housing. Feed the kids.

So many people say they hate Okinawa. I didnt hate it when we lived here. But I didnt show up with a family either. I feel so bad for families who show up to this. No assistance what so ever. It puts a bad taste in your mouth right from the start. Hopefully things will start to improve soon. Our sponsor said he was sorry about not being at the airport and it was difficult because "we showed up during a 96". He is lucky I didnt punch him in the back of the head from where I was sitting in the backseat.

Hopefully my next post will be a little more upbeat. But for now, Ive had it.


Kara said...

Sorry! I still stand on my offer though!!

Krystal Sandoval said...

That is soooo annoying! I cannot believe that! I would have definitely punched him in the back of the head. Hope things get better for you!

Christina said...

Oh I'm so sorry you guys are going through this! I can't belive your stupid! Let me know if I can do anything to help

Anonymous said...

We just arrived on island and out of frustration I did a search and found your blog. Unfortunately, it does not seem that much has changed. I have only been here a week and I am already looking for ways to go back state side, even though that means splitting up my family. No one seems able to accommodate us, we are a family of six, and I am trying to figure out why they would move us here. I also feel like there is no recourse. We are NAVY stationed on an Air force base. Everyone keeps passing us on to somebody else, and no one seems able to help us. As it stands we will be in TLF for over thirty days, then we might be offered a home that is less than 1200 square feet. I am so disappointed.

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