Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Picture Overload!

Here are a million pictures that I havent uploaded. Big Sis field trip to the Farm, Girls night out, One of our going away dinners,The new Childrens Museum, and a few thrown in there for fun.
AAHHH it's so cute!!! His name is Oreo

Does he look like a stuffed animal??

Girl's night out! I love these beautiful ladies.

The kids had fun at the new Museum. It's similar to Boston Childrens Museum, which we love. And it's in downtown, which I love.

Here are some pics from our going away dinner. My Zumba loves got me some Zumba gear. I cant wait to start teaching in Okinawa. Dont mind my obnoxious husband trying to squeeze in on half of the pictures. He might be obnoxious but I usually laugh at all the funny stuff he does. :)

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