Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Im homeless

Well I have my computer so I can blog now. And ohhhhh do I have some complaining to do. We wont be going to Okinawa on Wednesday. Our overseas screening adviser is useless. Im not being mean...she really is useless. She has made mistake after mistake with out paperwork. Everytime she makes a mistake our stuff gets delayed. It looks really bad on us because it looks like we waited until the last minute to get our stuff done. The monitor is pissed off and threatened hubs with ANOTHER 1 year unaccompanied tour. Anyway, now we have no idea what is going on. We are basically waiting on a phone call from Okinawa to tell us if its denied or approved. Then we schedule another flight since they canceled our tickets for Friday. The real bummer is we only have until Friday to stay in TLF. (which we've been in since last Wednesday!) Our poor kids. If we hear NOTHING by Friday Im bringing the kids to my moms house back in Boston. Im a pretty patient person. Im reasonable and understanding but this is bullshit. At least the gym is across the street and I can run off my frustrations. Although Im used to going to an all womens gym, so this man fest is....different.

Oh! And thanks for all the lovely comments on my boudoir pics! I totally recommend doing it!

Until next time, I will stay frustrated!


Kara said...

If there was anything I could do from here, I would so do it!!! Too bad your hubs isn't in my hubs command, cause I could get hubs to try to do something. And if things were reversed, you could stay with us in the mean time! But sadly, you are trying to get here, not leave here!!!!

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Looks like you get two Kara posts in a row! I'm so sorry for those frustrations. It's awful. It's not like your picking up your life (Once again) and moving to a whole new country! Really, these people don't understand. My hubby's one year unaccompanied was originally an accompanied tour then about three or four months before our move date they changed it to unaccompanied. I hope things go better for you!

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