Monday, September 19, 2011

Cant Keep Up

I like having a full plate. Ive never been one to sit around and do nothing. But for the past couple of months, my plate seems to be over flowing. You know, like when you load your plate with mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving and stuff just starts falling off? Maybe it's just me that does that...ANYWAY!

Things are great here with us. Big Sis is kicking butt in Karate and prancing around in Ballet. She is loving school, making lots of new friends. She rides the bus to school and I think thats her favorite part since she doesnt sit in her carseat on the bus. Lil Sis hangs with me during the day. We start by going to the gym every morning so she gets to play with friends while I work out. I started a Boot Camp program. It's 8 weeks of kick your ass workouts. All outdoors, which is crazy considering its like 90-100 everyday still. Im on week 2 and every part of my body is sore. WHich is good because I already ordered my ball gown, and lets just say it'

We are looking at some huge life decisions coming up in the near future and I hope to be able to share them with you all. Im excited and nervous and anxious and every other emotion about it all!

Anyhoo, I am going to REALLY try to blog more. I know Ive said that a million times. But this time for real! I know a lot of friends and family have been asking about it. I do have a few pics I will leave you with!! I hope you all are doing great!!

80's night for a friends birthday!
Big Sis getting on the bus on her first day!

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