Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Blogging has just been last on my list lately. I think my biggest priority right now is trying to lose weight (again I know). When we got to Okinawa, I gained a lot of weight and it's driving me CRAZY! I started back at the gym a couple of months ago but I still seem to be gaining. Im trying not to worry about it too much but Its on my mind all the time. Im taking an Extreme Fitness class, Zumba (of course!!!) and Turbo kick every morning. Im also doing Dragon Boat Practice 3 times a week which is a killer upper body workout.

In other news...Big Sis starts Kindergarten so soon. She is so smart and will love it. We are taking her back to school shopping next week, she is THRILLED. Lil Sis will be starting pre school too. Im still on the fence about it. She is our baby so part of me wants to keep her home so we can play all day. But I know how smart she is and I know she will excel in school. I will also have to get a job! HA!

Hubs is doing great. He loves working here in Okinawa and has a great group of guys. Not sure if I ever mention that he got promoted too. Im now the proud wife of a Staff Sgt! (As of May).
He went on a fishing trip Saturday so I took it upon my self to invite a bunch of friends over for some grilled fish. I have to start by saying I love my Japanese friends. But when you invite one of multiplies quickly. Which is fine with me, I love the company! Needless to say, hubs came home to a very full house! We enjoyed lots of grilled food and lots of beer! Here is a picture of my close friend, A, my teammate Megumi and me.

I will TRY to be better with blogging. I just cant seem to find the time lately! I hope you all are well!!!


Nicole said...

Glad to hear you guys are loving it over there! Sounds like you guys are always doing something fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Sure do miss hearing about what's going on there. D

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