Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oh the Ball...

Ah the joys of an upcoming ball. I have to admit, all the ball "talk" annoys me. I dont know why, because I love going to the ball. So Im going to humor myself. I was REALLY crazy and bought my ball gown online this year. I ordered it last week hoping it will come in time. It's pretty risky too. Not risky in a ronchy way. You know...that girl at the ball who's dress is right below her ass cheeks, has on way too much hooker style makeup and heels so high she cant walk in them??? Yeah, not that kind of risky. Risky as in, I BETTER lose this damn weight before the ball because I wont be able to pull it off!! What does your dress look like?? Have you gotten one yet?
Which shouldnt be too hard to do considering this boot camp is a NIGHTMARE! In a good way of course. This morning we were to meet at the beach instead of our usual concrete slab spot. So I was nervous. Last week I suffered from some pretty bad shin splints and left limping all 3 days. So today we were running with sand bags on our shoulders. Doing burpees across the sand and literally sling shotting each other with rubber bands through the sand. It was KILLER. 5 more weeks left, lets see if I live to talk about it.

I was having sort of an off day (not a good weigh in) until I came across this picture from last week. It instantly made me smile. Whats better than sitting on a beach with your gorgeous husband?? AAhhh the simple things.

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