Sunday, May 15, 2011


Last week, the Hubs and I were shopping for a lawn mower. We went to the register where the employee rang in all of our things. She couldnt reach the lawn mower so handed me the scanner and I scanned it myself. We left and I was checking out the receipt when I noticed the lawn mower not on there. it was $104.99. Hubs and I feel super guilty so we head back and pay for it. Even the guy at customer service was shocked that we were honest enough to come back.

But it did take a minute of contemplating. For starters, AAFES is a HUGE scam and I hate supporting them but I needed a mower. I try to buy local or avoid aafes as much as I can. Im not a super religious person, so I didnt feel like I was going to hell. But I do believe in Karma. And I reallllllllllllly didnt want a flat tire or get the flu or something. So I went back.

What would you have done? Is it because of what GOD might think? Or Karma? Or just plain honesty? Or would you leave without paying because its their mistake?

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Nicole said...

That's a lot of money, so I would definitely go back. But if it was only like...5 bucks, I might not. I don't really believe in the karma part of it, I'd just feel so guilty for the rest of the day!

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