Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY table and Pillows

We need to furnish pretty much our entire house. With a restricted weight limit leaving Okinawa, we were able to bring our bed, dining table, ladder shelf and a tv stand. Those were the only heavy pieces...and they still aren't here. 

To save money, I've been scouring Craigslist and clearance departments for furnishings. 

Here is the coffee table for  our family room. Hubs picked it up on his way home from work for $15. (Craigslist)

I sanded and painted the trim and legs Satin white. It took me quite a while to sand the had writing, some deep scratches and a lot of markings. I stained it but wasn't happy with the was a lot lighter than I thought. So I spend 4 days scratching the stain off and trying a new color. I went with Ebony from Giddeb. It was a sample for it was only $3. I liked it better but I'm still not thrilled. I may cover it and make it an ottoman. 

Here's the before 

Here's the after

I made some pillows this weekend. (The butterfly one was from IKEA)

Blue and white stripe and a textured beige. I have a few more to make in the same navy blue as the butterfly pillow. I may even try to paint it.

BabyCat does not like when I sew! 

We ended the weekend with a delicious breakfast for dinner! YUM!

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Kristen said...

Good job with that table! I completely missed that gene of being artfully creating.

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