Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm attempting this blog from my iPhone so let's see how it goes! We FINALLY got a house! It's a great house with an amazing view. I can't wait to post pictures. It's empty ( we haven't received our TMO yet). We also have some exciting news, our family expanded by adding our latest member, Maggie! She is an English Bulldog (representin' USMC) lol! We adopted her from a family who is MSG and can't bring pets. We love her sooo much already. The kids are so in love, it's as if we've had her for years. I'm dying for things to get back to normal but I know it will be a little while. But it's going good now thatvwe finally have a house. I LOVE living off base. There is a produce stand less than a block away where we buy veggies from. I shop at a local Japanese grocery store... Last night I made homemade yakisoba. It was delicious! Tonight I went traditional with chicken/broccoli and Ziti, but I got some of the ingredients at the Japanese store! As soon as we get Internet I will be posting pictures so stay tuned!

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Kurtis and Melissa said...

So glad things are falling into place! I'm sure it's nice to be cooking for your family again:-)

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