Wednesday, March 9, 2011


After over a MONTH of waiting, we finally got our area clearances today. Im happy we got them, but still extremely frustrated with the sponsor ship that goes on here. I WILL make a difference in the system for future incoming families. They actually have us sponsoring a family already...before we had cars and housing or anything!! EFMP families get priority for expidited paperwork (like area clearances) because without it, you cant check in to medical. I could go on for hours about all the mistakes that have been made and set us back but Im not going to. Im happy we have them but action will be taken for the mistakes. Anyhoo, Here is a picture of our super cute daughter getting ready for bed and a picture of my sweet new Japanese car. I will post more pics later. Im sooooooo excited to start house hunting!!!!! Be prepared for some awesome pics of Japanese houses!


Krystal. said...

Awesome! Love that cute little car (:

My kids' Mom said...

Dear Lindsey,

Take a deep breath and surrender to it :-) I know how you feel. I was very flustered upon arrival in Japan. Things are so different, so far away from home, and then we are moms, and we want it to be great from the get go.

I promise you, you will LOVE Japan. The people are amazing and the country is so beautiful. Try to get to Tokyo and stay at the New Sanno Hotel (the military hotel) it is awsome. The shopping is great and so much to see and do.

Best of wishes and best of luck to you and your family.

Kind regards from Sweden

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