Saturday, August 7, 2010


This is yet ANOTHER post about dental so feel free to skip it if you please. I waited until tonight to post this because I was so mad yesterday. I paid out the ass to get work done for the past couple of weeks. Nothing major...a few surface fillings. Which I paid out of pocket for. So yesterday I go to my wisdom teeth consult. Everything goes fine until they hand me the bill. Over $2,000 and thats WITH tricare covering 60% of it. The words that left my mouth were not pretty. And luckily the dental assistant understood my frustration. I just don't understand. Why don't us dependents have full coverage?? I know my husband fights for his country...but us dependents are here with the kids, house, worry, responsibility...and a million other things. It just seems so ridiculous to me that my husband can be away from his kids, for a year at a time, in a combat I can't get my wisdom teeth out. I want some feedback on this!

On a happier note...we had dinner at a friends Friday night. Grilled out, laughed, ate, played with lots of kids. Tons of fun. Today big Sis had gymnastics and then we had family over. My uncle, his wife, 4 kids, my gramps and Vicky. I made my home made spaghetti and meatballs, salad and bread. Everyone had a great time. My uncle took lots of pics so Ill post those later. I have a CRAZY week that includes a lot of working out, zumba-ing, an enlisted spouses club meeting, some cleaning....list goes on. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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Julie the Army Wife said...

I have wondered that too. Why do we have to pay so much for dental? Why isn't it like medical? Doesn't make sense to me.

I'm so sorry you had to pay so much :(

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