Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter happenings

Good morning!

Tomorrow marks the start of Spring Break for Big Sis and I have some fun stuff planned! I am hoping the weather warms up a tad so we can do some good beach time. Today at school she has an egg hunt that she is pretty excited for. She even wore a new "springy" outfit. And of course I packed her an Easter-ish Bento.

I was messing around with lunch the other day and came up with this:

Kids both loved it. As you know, we are all obsessed with Angry Birds.

Big Sis celebrated her 6th birthday last Thursday and had an Angry Cake too!
We had a very low key birthday at home this year. I promised every other year we would do a big party. She was pretty bummed this was an off year but we still made it special. Her favorite present was a giant box full of big kid crafting supplies. ALthough she hasnt had a chance to touch it really with all this maddness going on lately. She has Karate on Tuesday and Thursdays. Soccer practice on Monday and Wednesdays. Gymnastics on Saturday mornings and Soccer games are Saturday afternoons. So throw a bunch of homework in there and the kid has NO time. Dont think Im one of those crazy moms who forces her kids in to every activity, My kids beg to do this stuff!!! Here is a picture of her cake and a few gifts!

This Sunday we are having friends over for Easter. I am planning for about 60 people so I should actually be in the kitchen right now prepping :) The Bunny will be here and there will be an egg hunt and TONS of food. Im really looking forward to it!! But I dont think my waist line is. I started another round of Boot Camp on Monday. Im really hoping to transform my body this next 8 weeks! Well I hope to take lots of pictures on Sunday! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!!

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