Monday, February 6, 2012


Im a total blog slacker now a days. I do have an excuse though. Actually 2 excuses. They are really pretty and giggly. Any guesses? Yup. It would be my adorable daughters. I just don't understand the craziness! I DO NOT remember being in Kindergarten and having spelling tests every Friday. Or 5 pages of homework on top of that. AAAANNNDDD having to read an entire book (sent home by the teacher) and sign a paper saying she read it TO me.
I have always liked having a very full plate. But what is too much? I dont think i'll ever know. In the meantime, here is whats going on with me!!

The dreaded weight loss. UGH. I feel like I'm drowning in my own fat. I am SO happy here in Okinawa. I have no idea how I put on so much weigh. I mean obviously from eating. But it just hit me so fast. SO, here it goes again. Im doing the shake thing and trying REALLY hard to exercise everyday. Its proving pretty tough not having daycare available at the gym. So we'll see how this goes. Although I did just lose 7 pounds in two days!!! You know that stomach bug diet? Works every time.

Hubs is hanging out in Thailand for a while. The girls are doing exceptionally well this time. Big Sis always takes it pretty hard when Dad leaves, but I am so proud of her this time. She just doesnt let go of Daddy Doll. Hubs said he went out and checked out a mall that was "just like in the states". I was insanely jealous.

Ive been doing a lot of volunteer stuff lately so thats cool! I am super excited about the March for Babies coming up next month. This will be my third year raising money! I entered my application to be the ambassador Family for Okinawa, I really hope we get it! PRETTY PLEASE go to my page and donate if you can. Even $5 helps! Who can say no to preemie babies?! Just visit my personal Page here!

Since I havent blogged in oh....a month or so. I need to share some pics! Enjoy!

I recently hosted a baby shower for a friend. I had a blast making a diaper cake. Personalized water bottle labels, some fun food and silly games!


Kurtis and Melissa said...

Love those two little valentines!!

Sarah said...

If not posting in a month makes someone a slacker, than I'd hate to hear what they'd call me! haha I'm enjoying going back through my blogroll :)

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