Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Im dreaming of a Tropical island Christmas!!

Did you all have a nice Holiday? We had tons of fun this past week. We attended the Hubs unit Christmas party, complete with karaoke! We had our annual Christmas party here at our house. We had a pretty big turn out of about 50 or so people. I did finger foods and desserts and a few games. The gift exchange was HILARIOUS! I am super bummed I didnt get any pictures of the party but at least we all had fun.

Christmas morning was magical as always. This year was big on electronics for the kids. Santa brought Big Sis a Nintendo DSi. She LOVES it. But we are pretty strict on NOT having one of those video game addicted kids so we have to limit her play time on it. Sophia got the InnoTab which is SO cool. I think I've played it more than she has! Maggie got a squirell tail toy and a big bone. She was thrilled but not satisfied, she spent the entire morning sniffing under the tree for more. Later in the day I made a Turkey dinner for the hubs, girls and me. It was SO good! If hubs could eat Turkey dinner everyday, he totally would. Later in the night we attended another party and ate MORE yummy stuff.

Here are some pictures from Christmas morning!

I totally skipped over my Birthday this year. It was the week before Christmas! My closest friend here in Oki made me a pineapple upside down cake (my favorite)!! Hubs was super awesome and got my a new photosmart printer and Ive used it a million times already. I also got a Kanji painting, an itunes giftcard and a Kitchen Aid Mixer. Thats another post all of its own. Ive been taking of pictures of everything Ive made with it. Including about 200 cookies!!! YUM!


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Bookwormmommy said...

We are PCS'ing to Okinawa in May June timeframe. Are there any things you would recommend me doing or not doing? What do you recommend that I take in regards to furniture and other stuff like bikes and the a sort of thing. Also what are the ranges of buying the cars and furniture over there? Sorry for so many questions but I am both excited and anxious all at the same time!

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