Friday, January 7, 2011

A Vent!

This post is one, big, huge vent. So if you if you want to skip it...I understand.
PCSing sucks. Weather it's one state away or several countries away. We are in the middle of all of our overseas screening even though we should be done with it. Let me first say, it takes about 6 months to get everything completed in time for the big move. But we only had 3 months notice and we got started on it right away. At the begining of this week, but husband notified me that our weight limit went from 12,000 pounds down to 2500 pounds. This makes me angry because it happened to us during our last PCS. We spend 3 years putting a house together only to sell everything. So we started over in Tampa and spend another 3 years putting a house together, now to sell it all again. GGRR!!
Yesterday we went to our final screening at base. I thought it would be a breeze. Silly me. They put Big Sis in the EFMP because of her asthma and speech delay. The kid was born in Okinawa. I know all about their medical care and they can definitely accommodate her asthma and there are options for speech therapy too. Being put in the program means all of our paper work goes to HQ Marine Corps in Quantico and that means it will take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I informed our advisor that we already sold my car, and only have until Jan 31st to stay in our house. We have our fly out date so planned these things accordingly. It's either going to take forever for the approval (if we even get it) or they tell us we can't go. If we don't go, we will get orders elsewhere. I am so frustrated!!! Can I just snap my fingers and be there please??


Kara said...

You don't have to sell it all! Just have them put it in storage. Most of our furniture is in storage along with tons of other crap. The only furniture we brought over was the kid's beds (no mattresses) and our mattress.
We had the issue with Little Man and his speech problem. We had tons of other issues because of him too, but you guys won't have to worry about that. After 3 months of working on it, I didn't know for sure if we were going till a month before and I still didn't have a fly date yet. I scheduled TMO and just waited on the storage pick-up till I had my fly date. I totally understand your frustration!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI on the speech - there is a website called speechtails that you can work with at home. I have found it great! I run a home daycare and use it with some of my kiddos! I can not imagine having to move all the time but have a friend who does the same.... ugh. Good Luck!

L0veLindsey said...

Omg, I'm totally not surprised, but I feel so bad for you. I hate the crap that we have to go through. It's ridiculous. Just remember that in a year it won't matter, so try not to stress too mcuh.

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