Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update Overload!

We have had tons going on and no time to blog. Sorry!! Here is a picture from the Zumba event at Dillards. We were promoting "PLAY" by Givenchy.

My good friend Ally got my tickets to Jingle Ball for my birthday last weekend. It was Train, Maroon 5, Enrique Iglesias, Bruno Mars (my boyfriend), Ready Set and BOB. An AWESOME concert!!

Friday, Big Sis had her Christmas program at school. They sang 7 Lights and Rudolph. It was so stinkin cute!!! I have a video I will try to get up too. Videos never work on here for some reason. Here is a picture I managed to get. I was pretty frustrated with the skunk hair woman who STOOD in front of me the whole time. (Even though I got there 30 minutes early to sit in the front row!!!)

Later Friday night, one of my besties, Erika and her family had a Christmas Party. It was lots of fun. I think I gained about 5 pounds from all that amazing food though!! Erika is from Peru and she is also a Zumba she ALWAYS has music on. Lil Sis danced to Salsa and Meringue. Maybe she will be an instructor like me someday!

Yesterday was my birthday!! Woohoo! I have to take a minute to say how amazing my husband is. He woke up and took the girls downstairs immediately so I could sleep in. I slept until 8!! Then Hubs went out and got a bunch of ingredients to make me dinner. He made lobsters and Drunken Muscles. OMG is was sooooo yummy!!!! Then he cleaned up too!! He got me a beautiful watch that I LOVE. After dinner I headed out on the town with my closest girlfriends here in Tampa. I am so blessed to have made such good friends while I've been here. They spoil me so much. Ally even rented a beautiful car to chauffeur us around!! We went dancing and danced till the place closed!! My legs are pretty sore this morning! Here are some pics from the night!!

We had a great weekend...I hope you all did too. We are so excited for Christmas next week. Enjoy your week everyone. It's always important to be patient and polite. But people sometimes forget during the Holiday season. Try to remember when you are out shopping this week to be in the spirit!!!!

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Adel said...

Hi! I have just started following your blog because my husband is soon going to be enlisting in the marines. I am following a couple different blogs to see if I can get some sort of idea of what my life might be like from the perspective of another wife. I chuckled a little when you said you went out in Tampa because I live oh so close in Lakeland!

Happy Birthday! by the way :)

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