Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Say Hello to your New Instructor!!

Hello there!!!! I've been gone quite some time now! Thanks to my guest bloggers! We had a nice trip back to Boston. Although it was beyond cold. I honestly don't know how I survived living there for 18 years of my life. Yuck. Anyway....I will get the pictures up from the trip tomorrow hopefully. I feel like I havent had one second to sit down and relax since being home. With Christmas errands to do, decorating and stuff...Im swamped.

But on the bright side... I am officially a Certified Zumba Instructor now!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!! I had my Certification this past Friday and I did AWESOME!!! It was a ton of fun....SUPER hard work though. I lost about 10 pounds just in sweat. I cant wait to start teaching in Okinawa...its going to be a blast. You Oki girls better be there!!! Right now, Im still assisting my instructor and leading the class. It's nice practice. We are doing another Givenchy promo at the mall this Saturday...if you would like to attend, please email me!!! It's going to be a ton of fun!!

Stay tuned for pictures!


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Congrats! That is so fun!

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