Friday, July 30, 2010

This and That

Hello, Hello! This post might be a little here it goes. As you can see if in the first picture, Lil Sis was pouting about her fat lip. It looks awful today and everyone is asking me what happened. Poor kid. The second picture is hilarious to hubs and me. We went up to check on Big sis the other night and found that drawing on her magnadoodle. She TOTALLY drew an AWESOME picture of Tata. We left it on there for like 2 days. Be sure to check out the history of Tata. It's a good read.
Its funny...I know the girls love me but man...when they hear that garage door opening every evening they scream DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! And run outside immediately. He doesn't even make it into the house before they both jump on him. So today I decided to capture the moment. And of course...Im a terrible photographer so that was the only good picture I got. Anyway...I thought it was adorable.
Last pics...First let me explain. We are SOOO lucky to live in our current house. We pay WELL under what the asking rent was (since I'm such an amazing negotiator, Mike calls it "being scary") and since we rent...we can't paint. Poo. Almost every wall in the house is white. And it's a big house. Its A LOT of white. Too much white. SO our entry way was seriously lacking. White walls, White curtains and some ugly rug Hubss probably picked out. I didn't want to spent much money and curtains are SO expensive. So I got one panel, cut it in half, sewed it back up to make two separate smaller panels and shortened them a bit. After an hour of arguing...I mean asking Hubs to hang the hardware. Here they are. I also got this matching rug for only $10. Looks much warmer and a lot more inviting, don't you think? What do you do to make your house feel homey when you can't paint??

Here is Lil Sis after her fat lip episode. Raffy is her new toy of choice, Drags him around everywhere.

Big Sis drew a nice picture of Tata, Perfect replica for all those who know Tata. If you dont...check her out here

Lil Sis greeting Daddy after work, as always.

Entry way Before

Entry Way After....It's impossible to take a picture of the entry way because the stairs are in the way...sorry!


Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Your entry way make-over looks great! Subtle changes make it seem really warm and inviting :)

Kurtis and Melissa said...

Love the entry way makeover! I have those same style makeshift curtains in my room, I'm too cheap to buy two panels for each window!!

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